Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012 Negotiations Highlights

GEA-GSD Negotiations
May 21, 2012

        The District and Association met at 9 AM. Genaro Alarcon facilitated the session while Ken Tang was the recorder.

        The Association presented a Package Proposal. The proposal was designed to free up general funds, bring back unit members who have been laid off and address possible budgetary deficiencies in regards to state funding.

      A summary of the proposal can be found here:

      The actual proposal can be found here:

      The District took a 1 hour caucus.

      Upon the District's return, the discussion returned to calendar. The Memorandum of Understanding regarding the 2012-2013 Calendar was signed. We will link to the documents once they are posted on the District's website, or we receive a final copy.

      The District needed more time to fully analyze the Association proposal. The session ended at 11:30 AM. 

       The next session is scheduled for May 29, 2012 at noon.


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